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Integrated ART I Holding AG


Our Roots

INtegrated ART I Holding AG was founded in Hamburg, 1996. Based on the philosophy of consciously integrating the paradigms of ecology, economy, art and ethics and through that, reaching an optimal synergy of currently still separated school of thoughts.

INtegrated ART I Holding AG is both, an art project - the shares of our AG being works of art by selected artists - and a business in the field of integral health. It also is a statement of redefining value creation - from focusing only on making money to creating wealth in the form of holistic health.

INtegrated ART I Holding AG has spent a lot of time for R&D, together with our over 100 independent and interdisciplinary experts, to develop state of the art products which are brought to market through it's daughter company EcoWellness. 


Our Future

Integrated Art AG starts into the new decade 2020 with a new and young management team - creating synergy from the experience and knowledge across generations, for our clients and shareholders.

We are currently the only provider of a globally valid and recognized standard for the personalised preventive health, hospitality and food industry: The EcoWellness Standard.


Our Focus

We are all about Integral Health


The EcoWellness Standard

Far more than 'bio/organic"

EcoWellness is a seal of quality - accredited by IFOAM, the only international umbrella organization for the industry of organic products and producers. EcoWellness is a globally recognized standard for a healthy lifestyle (LOHAS), unique for certifying health promoting qualities of food as well as holding corporate health management up to the standard of personalised, preventive and functional medicine.    

EcoWellness is an „all-in-one-seal of quality“ and goes far beyond the norms of current organic standards - based on latest science and regulatory frameworks.

The EcoWellness Seal of Quality defines clear standards for products, systems and programs that wish to claim having preventive, health promoting effects. It also takes into account social and sustainable parameters as defined by  

IFOAM (, the EU-Bio regulation and the EU Health Claims edict, based on the definitions and regulations of WHO and ILO (Geneva).

More details on our EcoWellness Website:

The EcoWellness Standard Label

Accredited IFOAM standard since 2014


Our Business Portfolio

Consulting, Certification, Food Products & Preventive Healthcare


Consulting & Certification

 IFOAM recognized since 2014

We offer certification for

food products & supplements, 

cosmetics, Wellness Hotels,

medical equipment, and

medical institutions.

Functional Food Products

36 products ready for sale

We sell food products - based on our proprietary R&D and of course up to our EcoWellness Standard.

Preventive Healthcare

Preventive, functional medicine

We offer Corporate and Individual Health Management Services. 

Become Shareholder -
An Investment for Profit, People & Planet

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We currently have about 100 Shareholders. Many of them recognised experts in their field.

Our shareholders are progressive medical scientists and doctors, economists, philosophers, artists and people who believe in investing in companies that create both, financial and societal benefit, while respecting and protecting our planet. 

To discuss becoming a Shareholder, please book a meeting with us.

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